Top 5 Reasons Not To Buy Clickfunnels

Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Clickfunnels

Often times, it is good that you get acquainted with the pros and cons of platforms and software before investing in them. In this write up, we are going to talk about Top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy click funnel.


Click funnels is too famous!

You may be wondering how this sucks, but before you conclude, let me show you.

It is like walking into a high school and seeing everyone on the same kind of jeans. Most marketers and online users use this software in creating landing pages and as such, their designs are everywhere! And I bet you don’t want your landing page looking like your competitors what if something happens and your visitors miss their way? Oops right? In order to avoid this, you may end up having to heavily modify your landing page.


Click funnels isn’t a good solution for webinar file creation. It has many issues when you try integrating it with other webinar features. Click funnels’ webniars are difficult to handle and I bet you cannot handle more than one in a week and they also tell poorly on mobo.


Some persons have criticized click funnel for having a poor email system. Some of the webinar software do not go well with email services, platforms and channels. Email auto response also fall short when it comes with moving customers from the click funnel platform unto another auto response platform.


This is another major integration issue. Many persons have had issues with other persons who have stopped paying the PayPal integration and membership fee and yet still have access to the sales pages. This is a very big issue because many customers get free access! And a lot of money is left unaccounted for.

Also, there’s Loss of Revenue: sometimes, the software malfunctions making buyers unable to access product on sales and eventually, many of them end up asking for a refund! This is gross and sad!



This is the most of all wrongs. When you have challenges with sites and your landing page; click funnels gives you the opportunity to redirect your customers who visit that page to another. But before you get too excited about that hear this: a lot of tests have proven that instead of having this redirection to the page you submitted; the software redirect your customers to click funnel’s home page! This is what I call shameless and bad promotion. Why use my link to create traffic for your site?