Clickfunnels Review 2018

Clickfunnels Review 2018: Demo, Pricing and Features

If you have ever wondered about what click funnel entails, and essential details about it, then here’s a summary you should read.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the essentials of click funnels and preliminary information about the software.

What is click funnel?

Click funnels is a software that allows you build different sales funnels from regeneration pages to sales page, and even from up sales and down sales pages. This software is designed to get your platform or business more sales, more leads and more clientele base.

A funnel is a proven sales strategy which many users have attested to be effective in driving sales. It essentially involves the use of email sharing and linking in a logical way; such that one link leads to another, in a logical sequence.

Many successful business experts use sales funnels to improve their businesses and it is a common secret that is left under the radar. It is compatible with all kinds of businesses and can suit into any platform.

With click funnels, you can not only create the sales funnels pages, but also design the entire sales funnel structure and architecture. You could use click funnel by adapting and editing templates, you do not need any special coding or technical knowledge.

How to go about it?

It is easy to set up your first sales tunnel.

First of all, get a click funnels account, then log in.

Once you log into your account, you will see all your funnels, and how many pages and followers you have.

To start, create a new funnel; after clicking on this, you have to choose your goal, it could be to collect new emails, or to sell product etc. choose one goal, then name your funnel and click “build funnel”. Once this is done, you will be redirect to a full blown page where you can build your funnel. Choose a template for your lead page, preview and edit it, pick a suitable background picture (through the building tool, by dragging a picture into it) and save. Next up, pick, design and adapt a thank you page.

At this point, you are good to go, you can now start inviting viewers to your funnels. You can edit and upgrade your account from time to time.


Click on account to set a payment gateway of your choice.

Click funnels is effective and easy to use, and it also have many tools that are easy to get familiar with. Unlike ordinary lead pages software that just allow to create sales pages, click funnels is a complete funnel creation system, it is all encompassing and doesn’t involve page creation but it is a tool that gives you full access and control over all your marketing platforms.


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