Click Funnels for Beginners Review

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In this article we are going to discuss a click funnels review for beginners and we will discuss about the common features it has, it’s pros and cons.

First of all, click funnels has a lot of potentials, many persons have used this site and generated a thousands of dollars in just a few months. But it is not completely flawless, so we will also talk about some of its “thumbs downs”.


  1. Easy to build:

With click funnels, you could simply create a funnel by clicking “add a new funnel” from your homepage and then selecting a category. Once done, you will have a funnel with an opt in and a thank you page. Then you would want to set up your funnel and make it a sales page, after which you can preview, edit and change your background page.

  1. Click funnel is built in easily adaptable funnels which can be edited independently:

Click funnels are built in elements (text and button) which are inside rows, which are in turn inside sections (the entire big background). The fun part is you can edit and customize your ad by filling in the various sections, rows and elements. Click funnels has a whole lots of elements that can also help you customize your page; you also have pre built funnels and easily adaptable funnels.

  1. It is built in an ABC text format:

Also, click funnel is built in ABC text that can be edited into different formats and variations

  1. Membership forum area:

With click funnel, you can easily gather a membership forum where you can pool a set of constant followers who pay you for every visit and who have access to different parts of your website. This area is easy to customize and you could upload photos and videos in them.

  1. Account integrations:

This means that click tunnel can be connected with different things, different webinars, SMS sending platforms, email platform and payment gateways like Stripe, etc. And the whole process is easy.

  1. It comes with a yummy affiliate program

Click funnel comes with an incredible affiliate program. In fact, it sometimes come with up to 40% profit off every link sales you close in a month.

  1. Free tutorials and supports:

They also offer free tutorials on how to use and succeed with their site.


Click funnels could get a little cocky and difficult to wrap your fingers around and this is one of its cons. It often takes frequent trials to master and newbies may find this challenging. Howbeit these few challenges, the software is usable and workable.

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