One Funnel Away Challenge!

The ClickFunnels “One Funnel Away” Challenge has returned…

The Challenge was first launched in late 2018, and there was such a positive response they are now running it again.

One Funnel Away Bonus Pack

Russell Brunson (founder of Clickfunnels) asked 30 of the “2 Comma Club” winners (people who have generated over $1 million through Clicckfunnels) a question…

What would you do if you lost EVERYTHING and had to start over?

You wake up and you have:

no list,

no following,

no income,

no company,

no reputation

and have to start again from the ground up…

With nothing but WiFi and a ClickFunnels account, you can make ONE funnel to bring back your millions…

What would you strategy be, day by day, for 30 days to launch your profitable business?!

From their responses came the “30 Days” book, complete with 30 action plans broken down into day by day plans.

When you sign up for One Funnel Away you get the book PLUS presentations from the 30 Days Virtual Summit.

If you’re already part of the ClickFunnels community, you’ll see some familiar faces.

The programme has been re-launched and improved based on feedback from the first Challenge.

The 30 Days book is now delivered along with the entire “One Funnel Away” challenge kit…

The real value in the “One Funnel Away” Challenge is not the “30 Days” book but the 30 Day Challenge training.

This course will help you understand the principles of marketing online and push you out of your comfort zone and inspire you to take action.

It will help you overcome mental blocks and work through the ‘how’ step by step.

Is the “One Funnel Away” training for you?

The challenge is for you if:

  • Totally new? Perhaps you don’t even have a product or idea in mind yet.
  • You already have a business that you want to take up a level.
  • You know your business needs a sales funnel, but don’t know how to build one?
  • Experienced – you’ve launched your own funnels before but need the motivation and deadlines to do it again, o ideas to tweak the funnels you’ve made

What is in the One Funnel Away Challenge Program?

The “One Funnel Away” Challenge is designed for you to take massive action!

By the end of 30 days, you should have a profitable business up and running…

Your are given 3 coaches on this challenge: Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Steve Larsen.

Julie Stoian, Steve Larsen, and Russell Brunson

Each coach has a specific role.

Russell Brunson: the strategist. Each day Russell will send you a video with your daily mission.

He teaches you the strategy behind your funnel and the key fundamentals of marketing.

You will learn…

  • The key principles of direct response marketing…
  • The best way to build an offer (clue: its the opposite of how you would think it should be done).
  • Offer sequencing, offer hacking, the power of e-covers, stories, publishing, squeeze pages, sales pages, order forms, One-Time-Offer pages (OTOs)…
  • How to fill your funnel, how to create your “Dream 100,” organic traffic, paid traffic and more…

Each day a new mission is unlocked so you only need an hour or two per day to complete the challenge.

Julie Stoian:  the transformer. As you develop your vision, Julie will help convert it into actual reality.

Julie will show you the ropes and turn your ideas into a sales funnel using ClickFunnels. After 30 days, you will have a fully functional, customized sales funnel for your business.

Steve Larsen: the accountability coach. Steve hosts daily LIVE calls with everyone on the challenge (they are also recorded).

Steve is your support, motivation and accountability coach.

knowledge accountability execution

Steve will ensure you complete your daily task on time, no excuses!

You’ll take the knowledge from Russell, the how-to from Julie, and the daily support from Steve.

With the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, you will learn the foundation of a solid marketing plan.

You’ll learn how to break false beliefs, create an offer, build a funnel, and get traffic.

The 30 Day Challenge is like a game.

Except at the end, you should have a profitable funnel for your business- and you get to keep all the money…the best kind of game!

What Else is Included in the ClickFunnels 30 Day Challenge?

Along with the 550 page 30 Days book, the 30 days summit videos – you’ll access training in the “One Funnel Away” Challenge members area.

The “One Funnel Away” Members Area

Here you can access your daily challenges and course work, view the 30 day summit videos, interviews, download PDF documents, and more…

You will also be given access to the “One Funnel Away” private facebook group where Steve Larsen will go LIVE with his daily coaching calls…

The “One Funnel Away” Challenge Kit

As soon as you join the challenge, ClickFunnels will mail you the 550 page 30 Days book discussed above.

ClickFunnels will ALSO send the OFA Workbook to use along with the 30 day course. The workbook is your companion to the daily video training.

The workbook provides a checklist of daily tasks, areas for note taking, brainstorming ideas, links to resources, and more… It’s an organized guide for every mission on your Challenge journey.

Russell Brunson's OFA Bundle

ClickFunnels will also send an MP3 loaded with all of Russell Brunson’s daily trainings and Steve Larsen’s coaching calls from the first Challenge.

You can listen to the recordings while running errands, at the gym, traveling, etc…

You're Only One Funnel Away!

ClickFunnels knows that if you start your free trial with the software and start making money with ClickFunnels within your first 30 days, you will stick with them long term.

It’s in their interest for you to learn how to market, to understand how funnels work, learn how to create an offer, how to build a funnel, etc…

The last thing they want is for someone to start a free trial, have zero guidance, get frustrated, make zero money, and cancel their account.

Make sense?

OFA Challenge Summary

Offers are greater than products. Offers are more than bundles. They work together to satisfy your customer’s internal and external objections…

Russell Brunson knows how to create an offer – the OFA Challenge has everything you need to hit the ground running and build a business asset that can start working for you within a month…

The “One Funnel Away” Challenge will show you how to hook your audience in, deliver a story, and present an irresistible offer – just as Russell has done over again with his company.

>>Click Here to Join the One Funnel Away Challenge.

The thirty day course will show you how to provide more value to your customers. At the end of thirty days, you will have packaged your entire concept and vision into a “live” sales funnel that’s bringing in profit.

Remember, you’re only one funnel away…