Creating Longterm Customers

Creating Customers Who Are In It For the Long Haul!

You want to encourage customers to act like man’s best friend – loyal and keen to see what you’re going to do next!

It’s a frustrating but well-known fact that unfortunately not all of those from your target market who visit your website will become customers. There’s an opportunity here for time, resources and money to be thrown down the drain on trying to coax the wrong type of person into the ‘inner sanctum’ of your sales funnel. It’s critical to understand your ideal client, before you end up wasting money trying to grab hold of people who won’t do your internet business justice.

It’s so important to realize that people prefer to buy from people they know, people have confidence in, and people they actually like. These are all  achieveable with each of your customers, even if you never meet them face to face.

Developing this level of trust will inevitably take time; however once it is developed your client will be more willing to continue spending money with you, even on higher ticket-priced items. They could quickly and easily become a qualified buyer – someone who has already tested the waters. Having signed up and received your free item, or perhaps having even purchased a low ticket item. They’re now poised ready  to become a source of reasonable income for your online business.

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Encourage customers to be with you for the long-haul!

To ensure they keep coming back for more, you need to continue to supply them with information relevant to the niche. Slowly working up to higher ticket-priced items, you need to ensure your customers are still receiving top quality information. Although articles and e-Books are great to start out with, reports and video courses are great to have in the works from the start of your launch. By beginning early you know you’ll have these ready for your customers when the time comes that they are required.

Now this is where it becomes important for you to encourage your customer or potential customer to revisit, by reminding them you are there. One good strategy for achieving this is to create a mailing list. By offering them some free  information when they initially sign up, you are not only encouraging them to provide you their information, but also giving them a bite-sized chunk of what type of information they could expect from you in the future. This is the start of the processes of building that level of trust you require to keep those customers coming back, or waiting with excitement for news from you about new products.

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Hard work and dedication to serve your ideal customer will pay off in the long run

Offering something valuable to your site visitors encourages them to pass on their details. They understand that if they give out their contact information, they will receive promotional emails or follow-ups from you. It’s paramount to make it worth their while if you want to keep them coming back for more of what you have to offer. Keeping them up-to-date on upcoming features or future articles creates suspense and excitement.

Creating customers that are in it for the long-haul does require hard work and dedication. Make sure you take great care to plan your content and marketing strategy accordingly. Earn your customer’s trust and keep it and you will have a lifelong customer.