How to Create a Sales Funnel

How to Create a Sales Funnel

Here’s how you can create a sales funnel with click funnels. This tutorial will be clear cut and very descriptive. Stay glued and learn.

You should create a funnel because if you really want to scale it up really good in the internet, a funnel is a must have. Click funnels is some very good software. It gives you a full infrastructure for your online marketing and it is quite dependable at all times.

In order to ensure that visitors do not only click but also purchase your product, it is advisable that you instead of redirecting them directly to a sales page with some “click here to buy or order” you could post a webinar right before that. That way, you can get to introduce them to the concept and get them more familiar with why they should really purchase your product or services. This pattern reduces the guess work and makes your prospective customers more likely to buy.

Also, you can adapt your landing page and make it more customers friendly. The whole essence of click funnels is to get your market and product out there and so you shouldn’t forget to edit your pages and adapt them to what you want.


Customer retargeting is key to the success of your tunnel pages. You should endeavour to adapt and customize your pop ups so that you can give them an opportunity, offer them a discount, or give them a free trial period in return for their email! This sounds yummy and interesting and it is very good because once they enter their details and get a taste of what you offer, they are most likely going to come back for more. Also, this gives you an opportunity to add them to your actual tunnel. You can then notify them about news, ads, and opportunities and try to close them to a purchase.

Retargeting can also be done on Facebook; and other platforms. That way, you ensure that persons who miss out the opportunity to try your product before get another chance to do so.

Basically, the click funnels page is easy to use, and get familiar with and it has received a lot of thumbs up from many top notch users and marketers. You should try it out today, don’t get left behind; after all, with the free trial period, you have got little to lose right?