Create the Perfect Sales Funnel

Your Perfect Sales Funnel Plan Starts with a Solid Foundation

Reward loyalty using Clickfunnels
Reward loyalty

Whatever you desire the end result of your sales funnel plan to be, the truth of the matter is actually quite simple. You have to begin at the beginning!  For those who are experienced in sales, there is already an awareness concerning sales cycles and how they can, at times be quite slow going.

It is so important to start off on the right foot with a quality product and a focus on customer service. You will slowly and steadily build a positive reputation. Any future chances you have to provide repeat business with your prospects will have them expecting the same quality service as you provided with your initial offering. And you need to be willing to provide that, even with your lowest priced or free product.

By laying a strong foundation from the start, you’re building a solid path between you and your customer. We want this path to be well used over the long run. Once your customers are satisfied and begin to have trust in you, it’s time to find other venues for your business dealings with them. Set the stage for the next level of products you have created which may be of interesting and useful for them.

Now that you have established your reputation, you can take this opportunity to offer a range of enhancements for your customer’s original or subsequent purchases. More upscale services may be required to assist with some of these new enhancements, and you must be prepared to assist in any way necessary to remain trustworthy to these customers who have stayed loyal.

Slow and steady wins the race using clickfunnels
Slow and steady wins the race

Of course there will be lots of other opportunities surrounding this initial contact. Perhaps they have told their friends or acquaintances about you, and had them contact you for the same products and services. Or you may have found your own clients for the niche you’re supplying information on. The same process you used for your initial customer can and should be used over and over again frequently. This is how you will grow your online business. This consistency will ensure that your customers receive what they deserve.

Over time, you may create or discover a high-level service or product which could be interesting to your client, creating a huge impact for them or their business. The rapport you have built with this customer from the start will come in very useful. They will trust you in regards to these types of products, simply because you have been their faithful provider of friendship, quality information, and in some cases even reassurance, which has enabled them to develop their business just as they have helped you.

The final word for the time being is this: in the end, all you really have to give is your word. Make sure it is worth giving, and deliver everything you have promised in the agreed-upon time-frame. It is this powerful yet tiny thing which can make the difference between success and failure.