Create a Sales Funnel using Clickfunnels

How To Create a Sales Funnel using Clickfunnels

If you are wondering how you can create a sales funnel with and on click funnel, then you do not have to worry, just read the summary below.

There are 4 to 6 main categories of sales funnels with click funnels;

  1. Squeeze page
  2. Sales page
  3. Order confirmation page
  4. Download page

You can add and subtract any page to your sales page funnel and you can also optimize each split cells and adapt them to as much as you like. You can add any number of pages that you want by checking your funnel, adding video pages, and any of the various types of page templates.

After setting up your account, you of course have to choose a template; most of these templates are custom designed, already set up and the amazing part is, you can make this page be whatever you want it to be in your sequence.

The click funnel editor is also super simple and easy to use and get familiar with. It can get things done urgently and fast for you.

How to customize your sales page:

You can use your click funnels editor ro edit adjust and drop designs into your sales funnels. With this package, you can adjust your margins, font colours, font types, and rows backgrounds; adjust and align however you want and add new sections, and even make it have as many columns as you want.

Click funnel empowers every marketer out there:

It allows you to build out your entire sales funnel, allows you to manage your whole sales funnel, to track your conversion rates, allows you do split test and even see all the statistics in order to know which of the products, links and funnels is doing well and which is not.

With click funnels you can also

  • Create squeeze pop ups
  • Create Instant opt in forms (similar to lead pages) etc.

Click funnels is simply awesome!