Shopify and Clickfunnels E-commerce Store

Shopify and Clickfunnels E-commerce Case Study for a New Store (August 2017)

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can move from zero to 270k with Shopify and click funnels. I know the process could get all complex and difficult to understand, and that is why I have designed this talk today to address the major issues in one of the simplest ways.

The real deal?

Product testing

First of all, we are going to discuss the simplest product testing formula.

KISS formula

This formula means: Keep It Simple Stupid formula for product testing. With this formula you can test between 5-10 products per day; through Facebook ads or if you have a lean budget, you can use instagram. After that, you can then find wining products, after thorough test and this can earn you a lot.

In this video, there’s detailed description on site usage and the technicalities involved with creating facebook ads with 3 basic ad strategies. These strategies include setting up a good ad, retargeting audiences and purchasers through videos and mails, and various methods. After this, you can get custom audience and create an effective funnel.

Facebook issues

There may be some difficult and complex issues. For instance, at some point you may have challenges with Facebook ads for painting a suspicious payment method (it is a rare issue but this could happen). As a result of this, you could have your payment disabled.

How to deal with this:

You could contact support, and get more details about the slamming and why it happened. Most times they may ask you to get a new card from your bank. (If they keep giving you a canned responses keep contacting them until you get a real audience). If you are lucky, you may get it resolved between 7days otherwise you just have to keep trying!

Shopify v. Click funnels

Click funnels allow the optimization of customers pages with two step check outs at one page; while at shopify you may have to go through three steps on three separate pages. So the former is easier to use. Also, the click funnels conversion rates is essentially better than shopify.

With click funnels you can also do upsales and downsales after clients have purchased with a simple click or tap which means that they do not have to enter their payment details again, they can simply click yes to my order and get another product added to their shelf.

Click funnels increases conversion with squeeze pages and emailing. It is a great way to build your link in a fast and safe manner.

Finally, you can use click funnels for variety of mile long reasons. Shopify is also fair, but not as great as click funnels.